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Bookcase Basket Case

Like many of us, clutter like this is not something I can live with, so I need to find ways to visually contain it. Today, I target a problem area in my living room and explain how to hide the clutter with style.

Below is a photo of where we store the children’s toys and games. The influence of nature is pretty obvious here, but the arrangement is lacking textural interest (and plants in the terrarium, but that's a discussion for another day).

This is what it typically looks like - design up top, chaos below. Now I'm embarrassed. I already made curtains to cover the lower shelves, now I need a solution for on top that will also add another layer of texture.

That was unpleasant to look at, so let's tidy things up. Can you see that something is missing? In addition to plants for the terrarium, the white bookshelves need something that looks nice AND can store some additional toys.

I decided to look for weathered gray baskets. You know the kind. You see them accessorizing all of those modern farmhouse interiors these days. Easy, right? Not so. My initial search turned up few results and none that would fit a narrow bookcase. These baskets by A&B Home at Target give you an idea of what I was looking for, but they are too big.

Just as I was thinking I’d have to come to terms with looking at the clutter, I switched gears and looked for bins instead of baskets. Success!

I came across this at Bed Bath and Beyond. I could cover the "DA" with a fabric label of my own. Although it does add a natural element, it is too similar in color to the curtains that are already there.

This bin from One Kings Lane has the rustic feeling I was looking for, but it's a little dark and will throw off the balance of lights and darks in the arrangement.

Then... aha! I came across a lot of promising options from The Container Store. Maybe I should hit the nursery next for some ferns for the terrarium. Check my post Case Closed to see how it all turns out and let me what you think.

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