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Mini Mantel Makeovers

An easy way to update your home through the year is with a mini mantel makeover. Focusing your efforts on a mantel or a large shelf allows you to decorate for the seasons without the somewhat overwhelming task of adding seasonal decor everywhere in your home. Scroll down as I take you through a year in my own home.

On the other hand, if the decorating demands of the holiday season has you wishing for help, I am offering Seasonal Mini Makeovers at a special introductory price [details here]. It's an affordable way to perk up your decor and test out if hiring Inner Nature Design for a bigger project is right for you. Now on with the tour...

This is what my mantel looks like in the summer - simple and light.

matel makeover

As we move into fall, I switch out the decor for a few autumn touches.

fall mantel makeover

At Halloween I change everything, adding some bats I cut out of shelf paper.

Halloween mantel makeover

In November I put back the fall pieces, with a few Thanksgiving ones mixed in.

thanksgiving mantel makeover

I transition into winter by using fall decor in a white, gold and green palette.

autumn mantel makeover

Another time I added a few winter themed pieces.

winter mantel makeover

At Christmastime, it's a complete switch. The holidays tend to call for it.

Christmas mantel makeover

For the winter, I add a few starry snowflakes

to the usual boxwoods & candlesticks above.

winter mantel makeover

Just a couple of spring touches makes for

a simple but effective display come March.

spring mantel makeover

And then it's back to the summer mantel for a few months.

mantel makeover

Since our fireplace is in our dining room, I create mini mantel makeovers on a large shelf in our living room. I keep the color palette consistent throughout the year so that it fits with the rest of the room's decor. You can see in this gallery that changing one or two pieces every couple of months is enough to keep up with the seasons. Easy!

From Autumn to Halloween, Thanksgiving to Winter, a mini mantel makeover is an affordable way to perk up your décor and good way to find out if hiring Inner Nature Design for a bigger project is right for you. Click [here] for information about my services.

Mini Mantel Makeover


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