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Weathered Wood in Witty Ways

Looking for new and unexpected ways to bring the modern farmhouse trend into your home? Think barns, think weathered wood, think rustic, think… wallpaper? By now you have likely seen weathered wood accessories and furniture in the home decor section of every store. It is even in many of our homes, like my dining room table above. But if you would like to get the look in an unexpected way, there are fresh, faux and fun ways to do it without it looking like the laminate fiberboard TV stands of the ‘80’s.

With wallpaper, like the ones above, you can poke fun at the fake wood paneling of the past while giving your room a sophisticated, trendy look. Try covering a focal wall, perhaps behind a bed in a child’s room. It can easily be made masculine with cabin-in-the-woods-animal accessories or feminine with princess-fairy-in-the-garden décor.

If you are not up for papering a wall, there are contact paper options available that offer less of a commitment. With contact paper you can cover just about anything, like shelves in a pantry or the back wall of a bookcase.

For those that want to cover a wall and keep the authenticity of real wood, Stikwood is a company that sells real weathered wood strips that you just peel and stick to your wall.

A crafty, DIY kind of person might be up for the challenge of customizing a wall or piece of furniture with a wood grain patterned paint roller.

In a recent Friday Find post on my Facebook Page, I shared a rug made to look like weathered wood from It’s a little tongue-in-cheek, a little ironic, and a lot fun. Martha Stewart offers a more sophisticated faux bois option at Wayfair.

Whichever of these options you choose, you can get creative and make a big statement that will keep your home ahead of the trend. For ideas about how to integrate the look into your home, visit my Pinterest board "Weathered Wood Applications".

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