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Easy DIY Ribbon Decor

With all of the beautiful ribbons available at the craft store, how can you resist bringing some home? The next question is then, how do you use them? The DIY ideas below are easy, no-sew ways to incorporate ribbon into your home decor.

To create visual cohesion, I used a couple of different red & burlap ribbons throughout my living room for the holidays. I then added some more bits of red with various ornaments.

Did you know you can pick up old books for a steal at your local thrift shop? Stack and wrap them with a band of ribbon and you have instant decor with a vintage vibe.

You can use ribbon to add some color to the neck of a vase, lamp, jar, candlestick - you name it. Simply create a loop of ribbon and glue, pin, staple or tack it at the overlap.

For a natural, rustic feeling, I wrapped ribbon around a grapevine wreath and secured it with a simple knot. A bow would create a more feminine feeling. The tasseled bead garland I created myself with materials from the craft store.

A tailored look is achieved by wrapping ribbon around the neck of a jug or vase. The ribbon fabric against glass or ceramic makes for an interesting contrast. I secured these with a small stick pin at the back so that I can easily remove them when I want to change the look.

If you know how to sew, then the possibilities for decorating with ribbon are endless! To see how I added trim to our living room curtains, you can check out my post Make it Monday: Curtain Detail.


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